Christians’ Civic Duty

As citizens, Christians have the inherent responsibility to check the performance of our elected representatives who are employed to perform duties and make decisions in the best interest of the country.  In the period between each four-year election we are responsible for contacting our representative and sharing our views on issues and even bring issues in the community to their attention. We are also responsible for encouraging them and for showing them the right and Godly way to administer the business of the country.
We are also responsible for partnering together as citizens to engage issues for the benefit of our communities and and neighbours. We each live in our own community.  When we band together to help to remedy an issue in our community it is a benefit to us individually and collectively.  We may choose to involve our elected representative or to undertake it as a matter of community pride.  Not everything is the responsibility of or requires the sanction of the representative, but we should always utilize their offices for whatever assistance we require and for whatever legal advice should be sought regarding the effort that we are engaging in.
Finally, we are responsible to aid in the development of our community leaders, assisting them to elevate into public office.  It is not sound thinking that we should desire Godly leadership and administration but do not groom and encourage our children to become leaders.  The wise man prepares the way for his future generations. Sometimes, he is able to do this through finances, land, education and many times it is without these things but through strong encouragement and Godly advice.  We are responsible to train up our children in the way they should go and that includes leading in a Godly way, if leadership is their gifting.

We here at the Christian Association for Civics and Political Education (also known by the shorten names “Christian Association” and “Christian Association for Civics”) are here to help you in your civic role in society and encourage you to involve others to play their roles as well, helping to guide our country forward with positive change, strengthening the fabric of our society for a wholesome environment; we invite you to partner with us on this journey.

Become a member of the Christian Association free of charge and help us to represent your views as a body of people and as an individual by participating in polls, petitions and commentaries and simultaneously play your role in deciding the course of the Cayman Islands.  Visit our Sign Up page and complete the short, simple enrolment form.
We’d also like to encourage you to read James Garlow’s “Well Versed” book which provides Christian answers to political issues, beginning with the issues of the church’s pastoral quietness and the cultural myth of the separation of church and state.  Click here to visit the site, “Well Versed”
God bless you and the Cayman Islands!

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