Jesus Reigns
27th May 2023
3pm, 7 Mile Public Beach to Fort Street, George Town
(On foot, bicycles and motorcycles, and by motorcade)
Praise and worship concert 6pm – 9pm
Fort Street, George Town
Don’t have your own transport to get there?
See “Motorcade/Transportation” page for information on transportation from outer districts!icts!
What is the March For Jesus “Jesus Reigns” Parade?
“March for Jesus” is a procession of praise through the streets of Grand Cayman, celebrating the Lordship of Jesus Christ and culminating in a grand worship event in which Christians publicly proclaim the Glory, the Majesty and the Supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Saviour.


….A Protest Protests are necessary since our message of truth often confronts the world’s values. But the specific purpose of this occasion is to positively declare who we are for, not what we are against.

….Issues-Oriented No matter how passionately we feel about an issue, Jesus remains center stage during the March. We exclude causes we disagree with as well as the ones we believe in.

….Personality-OrientedThere are many men and women who are worthy of our respect, but on this day all recognition, honor and thanks go to Jesus. He is the Name above all names!
HISTORY OF MARCHING FOR JESUS “The Marches in England began in the l980’s when some local churches decided to take what they were experiencing in the churches out into the streets. Read more on the history of The March for Jesus here:
WATCH THE TRAILER for USA’s “March for Jesus “Jesus ReignsHERE:


PraiseThe Lord Jesus deserves extravagant praise. He is worthy of not only our individual adoration, but also parades of praise, which will fill our streets

PrayerThe March concludes with a Praise and Prayer Rally, where believers join together to intercede for our nation and the cities and people of the world. 

ProclamationWe are the proclaimers of God’s truth. By our presence on the streets, we bless the nation with the good news that Jesus Christ has risen. 

UnityBelievers of all ages, races, denominations, and affiliations come together to lift up their highest common denominator: Jesus Christ. Each group brings its distinct personality to the March and there is room for everyone in the family of faith in this march. 

Denominational and Racial ReconciliationThe March gives us a chance to show undivided love as we leave secondary differences behind us and come together to worship Jesus Christ.  The March displays that we can live in peace with each other by the power of the Prince of Peace.

RepentanceThese public confessions break curses over our nation and release God’s blessings. We become obedient to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

HumilityJesus rode to town on Palm Sunday on a gentle donkey.  We can give him the same kind of vehicle by marching with humility. 

Preparation for EvangelismAs our collective gaze remains fixed on Jesus, God can trample Satan and his strongholds under our feet when we prepare to and evangelize.
Churches/faith-based organizations: register, order banners, order t-shirts by 20th May 2023
Contact information:
Phone: 922-0133
Participation in this event is at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to any participant or property in any way during the March or the Praise and Worship event.