CACPE Launches Vaccine Choice Legal Funding Campaign

The Christian Association has launched it legal funding campaign to help bring a legal challenge against the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) regarding its recent passing of legislation that is viewed as discriminatory as it mandates CV19 vaccinations for those who do not have the classification of “Caymanian”. 
The Association maintains that the laws (or Acts as they are now called) are discriminatory against work permit holders, simply because they are foreign workers in the country and that even If the government passed legislation that included Caymanians, it would still be a violation of the human rights afforded under the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009 
The Association is asking for the general public to contribute to the fund and not leave the weight of the legal expenses to a particular class of persons in the country to fund, as all calibres of the social structure will be affected by this, from the domestic helper to the hedge fund manager.
“Not only is the legislation an absolute abomination to the Godly principle to do good for those who are foreigners in your country and not oppress them as commanded by God in Exodus 22:21, but I am also concerned about the pride that the representatives have expressed in doing this.  They are forcing people to take a medical treatment based simply and only on that they are not Caymanian.  What’s next; yellow stars?” asked Ms Kattina Anglin, Public Relations Officer of the Christian Association. 
“It is imperative that every person contributes as much as they can, penny, dollar, nickel or dime, proportionately, to fighting this injustice, regardless of what position they hold”, said Ms Anglin.
Donations can be made to Christian Association, Butterfield Bank, KYD SAV, 136 175 498 0026.  The Association can be contacted via email at or through its Contact page or for more information, visit its Donate page.

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