CACPE Issues Letter Before Action to CIG

The Christian Association for Civics and Political Education (CACPE), known locally as the “Christian Association”, has issued a Letter Before Action to the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) regarding an anticipated mandating of the “Covid19 vaccine”.
In the letter, which was addressed to the Members of Parliament, His Excellency the Governor and the Chief Medical Officer, the Christian Association asserts that “a law of this nature would be incompatible with the fundamental human rights of people in the Cayman Islands. Those rights are assured by the Bill of Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities (“the Bill of Rights”)  contained within the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009 (“the Cayman Islands Constitution”) and enshrined within other
international human rights treaties and charters by which the Cayman Islands are bound.”  
It then goes on to make a very cogent argument on the various rights to be affected, how they would be and the reasons why the government cannot interfere with those rights: the introduction of a mandatory vaccination law would threaten the rights assured by sections 2 (right to life), 3 (prohibition of inhuman treatment), 9 (right to private life), 10 (right to freedom of conscience and religion) and 16 (freedom from discrimination).  
In its conclusion the Christian Association sets out its position “By this letter, our client puts the Government on notice that it will hold the Government liable for all future harm that follows from the imposition of a mandatory vaccination law. In the event that the Government does pass a law to this effect, our client gives notice that it will challenge the law through judicial process, including the seeking of a declaration of incompatibility under section 23 of the Bill of Rights.
Public Relations Officer for the Christian Association, Kattina Anglin, commented on the letter and other concerns: “It seems as though the employers throughout the country have taken up the gavel for the government.  Just as we have put the government on notice, we also put the private employers on notice: we will help to defend the rights of individuals in this country; their rights life, privacy, personal integrity, religious belief and conscience, to name a few”.
“Employers are making these demands but are not offering any compensation plans to employees in case the vaccine gives them a grave adverse effect. Myocarditis is one that the government admitted in the recent FOI has been reported as a side effects of the vaccine.  It doesn’t matter how many gets it – it’s a possibility and the truth is no one wants to be that “one”. What is the protection offered to the employee who develops myocarditis, blood clots, falls from dizziness and hits their head ending their own life? Employers are treating employees like they are furniture with these demands. They are acting in a cold and callous manner without regard for the employees personal wellbeing. Incredibly, although according to the information provided on the vaccine’s efficacy, the vaccinated can also contract and pass the virus on to others, they are not committed to weekly testing. This is a different treatment of people with equal standing based on a particular characteristic or social status (unvaccinated) and therefore these demands appear to be discriminatory against the unvaccinated.”
The Christian Association continues to work with and support the group, Vaccine Choice Cayman, to uphold their rights.  Their website can be viewed at or by clicking here VACCINE CHOICE CAYMAN and the Letter Before Action can be read in its entirety here: Letter before Action to CIG

3 Responses to “CACPE Issues Letter Before Action to CIG”

  1. Nadine Tomlinson says:

    It’s important to give people freedom of choice. I am pro vaccines however not these types of course. We need to go back to the garden of Eden regarding our diet, fruits, grains, and nuts. This is just the beginning of the end, the time ahead of us will get worse. God doesn’t force the devil does.🙏

  2. Cation Ebanks says:

    Dictatorships is applied when I’m deprived of My rights and choices .
    We’re not living in a third world country.
    Stand up and be counted or U’ll fall for anything “

  3. Brian says:

    You are already deprived of many choices in the name of the public good. Simple review the multiple laws available.

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