“Thank You, Jesus!”
Cayman Brac, 22nd June 2024
4pm, Port Authority to Watering Place Gardens
(On foot, bicycles and motorcycles, and by motorcade!)
Praise and worship concert begins at 6pm at Watering Place Gardens with performances from the local Cayman Brac churches.
Praise and worship concert 6:30pm – 9p
Albert Panton Drive, George
What is the March For Jesus Parade?
“March for Jesus” is the first annual procession of praise through the streets of Cayman Brac, celebrating the Lordship of Jesus Christ and culminating in a grand worship event in which Christians publicly proclaim the Glory, the Majesty and the Supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Saviour.
To register your church or Christian-based group, please visit the Registration page
Registration must be done no later than 15th June 2024
Please visit our Merchandise page to order your tshirts and caps. All caps are white with red logo. T-shirts come in purple petal, purple and in navy blue. We reserve the right to provide an alternate colour to fill your order.
For more information or assistance, please email info@christian.ky or call/text/whatsapp 929-6657
See you at the March For Jesus!