March 2021 Newsletter

Our Debut Newsletter!

Honouring Women Month
March 2021
Volume 1

Christian Association for Civics and Political Education (CACPE)

Our Debut Newsletter!

Our monthly newsletter aims to keep you informed about the Christian Association’s initiatives and the matters that concern you, the Christian citizens of the Cayman Islands.
This month is Honouring Women Month in the Cayman Islands and our debut newsletter greets you with this theme and with a feature on the Aspiration Monument.
Other features include:
~The General Elections
~Choosing your Member of Parliament
~Judicial Review update
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God bless you!
The Christian Association Team.

March Is “Honouring Women Month in the Cayman Islands

Traditionally, here in the Cayman Islands and in most countries of the world, Mother’s Day focuses on mothers, and that day honours many women.  Several years ago, March was designated as Honouring Women Month in the Cayman Islands.  At first, this might seem like a duplication of the honour of Mother’s Day, but it really isn’t.  Despite the obvious fact that mothers are women, there are many women who have contributed to nation-building but are not biological mothers.  Honouring Women Month gives those in the latter category the opportunity to be recognized for their contributions without having to feel uncomfortable about not fitting into the “mother” category. 

The Cayman Islands acknowledges the value, roles, and contributions of women in our society, and efforts have been made to recognize them for their dedication, tenacity and resilience.  Evidence of this recognition can be seen in actions such as women fighting for and obtaining the right to vote, women running in the general elections and winning seats in Parliament (formerly the Legislative Assembly) etc.
Sculptures in  Heroes Square and numerous placards around the islands tell the stories of these women in public and private service.  But there are many other women who are influential in their own right, and are no less deserving of the honour due them, be it as office workers, teachers, nurses, business owners, managers, homemakers, aunts, sisters, mentors, or simply caring neighbours and friends.
by Karen Ravn
“Only as high as I reach
can I grow,
only as far as I seek
can I go,
only as deep as I look
can I see,
only as much as I dream
can I be.”

The Aspiration” Monument was dedicated to the women of the Cayman Islands in the 2009 Heroes Day observances, which focussed on the contribution of women to the development and history of the Cayman Islands. Next to the Aspiration monument stands a wall inscribed with the names of all but eight of the 358 women who petitioned for the right to vote, which was finally gained in 1957. The names of the eight missing women were lost when the document was damaged in a fire at Government House in 1972.”

“The monument was made in just five months at the American Bronze Foundry in Sanford, Florida. It depicts two women, one young and one older, climbing up stairs as a tribute to the work and struggles of Caymanian women…On the sides of the stairway are “Faith, Perseverance, Vision, Strength, Determination, Equality”…”it was dedicated 26th January, 2009 by: Hon. D. Kurt Tibbetts, JP Leader of Government Business” and other government officials.

(Excerpted from
You can read the Cayman Compass coverage on the dedication event here: “HEROES TAKE A BOW”
CACPE joins the various other entities in saluting ALL women for their contributions.  Thank you for your great sacrifices, and for your constant dedication, encouragement and commitment to making the world a better place for all.  God bless you all.


APRIL 14th – General elections 2021


Well, the 2021 general elections are drawing near, and in just over a month the registered electors of the Cayman Islands will have the right to cast their votes for the 19 Members of Parliament who will form the next government and opposition.

If you are not already a registered voter, you will not be able to vote on April 14, 2021.  However, any Caymanian who is 18 years or older and would like to exercise their right to vote can always sign up to be a registered elector, provided they meet the criteria.  Just because someone has missed the opportunity to vote in the upcoming general election does not mean that they can’t still register as an elector and vote at a new situation that may arise, such as a by-election, or another election has to be held in order to elect a new MP (or MPs, as the case may be).  It’s best to be ready to vote.

Visit the Cayman Islands Elections Office website to get more information on how to  register to vote. Click here to go to Elections Office website  (

Remember: If you don’t vote, you are essentially still choosing a candidate by omission.


Choosing your Member of Parliament

The Cayman Islands Parliament is made up of 19 duly elected Members of Parliament (MPs), one for each of the 19 single-member constituencies established by the Electoral Boundaries Commission.  The first time the electorate of the Cayman Islands voted under the single-member constituency system was in 2017. 

In recent days and weeks we have seen billboard signs popping up along main roads, with photos and slogans for those persons vying for a seat in the upcoming elections.  This can be a confusing time for many, but getting to know your candidates and where they stand on key issues is crucial. 
1. Go out to their public meetings/debates.
2. Listen to radio broadcasts of their meetings or debates if you can’t attend in person.
3. Tune into talk shows when the candidates for your constituency are presenting their views on issues that matter. 
4. Read their manifestos. 
5. Arrange to meet with the candidates for your constituency and ask them about matters that are important to you – they’re anxious to meet you too!
7. Call us up at CACPE with any questions you have about decision-making – we’re right here to help you!!
6. Most importantly, pray about your decision before voting.

Judicial Review Update

The Judicial Review brought by Ms. Kattina Anglin against Gov. Roper’s use of his reserve powers to pass the Civil Partnership Law is due to be heard at the first available hearing date following 14th April 2021. Please keep this matter in prayer.

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